Will Flagyl Cure Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by Chlamydia trachomatis infection. It is often common among women aging 18-35 years of age who have multiple sexual partners. Most women with chlamydia infection often show symptoms like unusual vaginal discharge, a discharge with blood especially after sexual intercourse, a pain in the lower abdomen, and pain during urination. Some women having chlamydia infection may not show any symptoms at all and this makes it hard to diagnose the infection. Chlamydia should not be taken lightly and treatment must be administered to the patient. Chlamydia infection can spread toward the upper abdomen if not treated immediately. Moreover, mothers can pass the infection to the new born baby. There are many assigned drugs which can cure chlamydia infection. However, some people are prescribed with flagyl when they have chlamydia infection. Some have doubts and might actually ask, will flagyl cure chlamydia infection? This article may give you clarification about this question.

When it comes to treating chlamydia infection, there are two drugs which are commonly used since they are well known to kill the infection effectively. These are azithromycin, doxycycline and clarithromycin. It is advised that you let your doctor diagnose you first with the infection before you can be prescribed with any of these drugs. Certain dosages can make the drug effective to eliminate the infection, and this can vary from one person to another. During treatment, it is advised that your partner will be treated as well to prevent the reoccurrence of the infection. Remember that chlamydia infection is a sexual transmitted infection, and even if your partner does not show any symptoms, he or she still needs the treatment. As mentioned earlier, some patients do not show any symptoms at all even if they are positive with the infection. Moreover, it is also very important to abstain any sexual activities during treatment period to avoid transmitting the infection to your partner.


We have already mentioned three of the common treatments used for chlamydia. However, some patients may be prescribed with flagyl as well. Flagyl is a known antibiotic drug for treating a wide array of bacterial infections as well as a few types of parasitic infections. So will flagyl cure chlamydia infection? The answer is a big no. Flagyl is not originally intended to cure chlamydia to begin with. Flagyl is designed to cure other types of bacterial infections, but not sexually transmitted infections. If your doctor have prescribed you with flagyl, it may be because you are suffering other types of bacterial infections apart from chlamydia. If you have confusions regarding your prescription, it is better that you consult it with your doctor.